Virtual Fairs

Before The Fair :


  • Complete your Handshake profile 

  • Register for the virtual fair 

  • Review the "Employers Attending" Section of the Fair

    • Look at the company that you are interested in

    • Read their summary 

    • Look  at the job titles they are hiring for

  • Do your Background Research on the Companies/Organizations & Recruiters 

  • Prepare your Questionnaire 

  • Make or Update your Resume 

  • Make sure that you remember their name and find how out to pronounce it before the meeting 

  • Have your Professional Headshot Ready

  • Prepare an Elevator Pitch 

  • Practice your pitch on Big Interview

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable (We know this is hard, Trust us, we know )

  • Visit CSLD

During The Fair :


  • Test your computer setting to make sure that your audio and video works properly

  • Dress up in your professional outfit (business causal at bare minimum) to convey your Ethos to the potential employers. 

  • Make sure that you have a clean and simple background or virtual background so its easier to focus on you, when you are speaking

  • Have your Resume and cover letter file ready to send to the recruiter

  • Make sure that you get their email and save it at the place where you will not forget their name/s and ways of reaching out to them

  • Have your questions ready that you want to ask the recruiters

  • Take notes of what they are looking for and if you would be a good fit for the positions that they are offering

  • We Recommend that you restart your computer before the meeting to avoid any lag, and also this will give you a chance to troubleshoot any problems it might have

  • BE ON TIME and You are going to Rock! 

After The Fair :


  • ALWAYS REMEMBER to Follow up with your Recruiter/ Employer for the position/s that you are interested in

  • PLEASE REMEMBER to Say thank you for their time

  • CONNECT with your Manager/Recruiter/Recruiter liaison on LinkedIn to continue your conversation about the position/s that you were interested in