Khuzema Wala


Pune, India


Civil Engineering

My career path to SF State:

I was always interested in designing buildings and engineering in general. I was good at math and problem solving since an early age, combined with a keen interest in drawing and building made a perfect recipe for Civil Engineering.

First Job/ Weirdest Job/ Worst Job:

Inarguably, my worst job has been of a student fundraiser at my previous college. My job was to call alumni and ask for donations, most of them had graduated before 1970. They were not attached to the college as much anymore, and our system was to keep calling them no matter how many times they had refused, which really irked them (and rightly so!) and they lashed out at student workers like me. Not fun!

What I like to do on the weekends:

Play tennis, soccer, go to the beach.

Top Advice For A New Student:

Make friends with upperclassmen. Join as many campus organizations as you can in your first year. Experiment with whatever interests you have and make sure you try out classes from outside your major. For eg: I always wanted to learn the piano so I took up a piano class in my first semester. One of the best decisions I took in college!

Top 5 strengths:

1. Intellection 2. Input 3. Positivity 4. Relator 5. Empathy