Jay Huang


San Francisco



My career path to SF State:

I did not really like any other majors. I took some career tests at CSLD and figure communcation is my best bet. I am still learning and trying to expereicne new things to figure out what it is I want to do.

First Job/ Weirdest Job/ Worst Job:

My first and inarguably worst job was working at a bakery, doing 3am-8am shifts in my first semester of college. When my friends were busy partying, I was making bread and flipping sandwiches.

What I like to do on the weekends:

Cruise at Woodside

Top Advice For A New Student:

Balance your life in everything. Join a student organization and find a part-time job and balance between the three to get more experiences. Take your time to figure things out and it is okay to fail because it will only make you stronger.

Top 5 strengths:

1. Developer 2. Includer 3. Harmony 4. Positivity 5. Connectedness