Griselda Sanchez


Orange County, CA


Visual Communications Design

My career path to SF State:

I started off as an Anthropology major in CSUEB. I transferred to SFSU interested in the Anthropology program but soon realized that I wanted something with a creative outlet. I wanted to have creative ideation and iteration process and I wanted to have constructive feedback and so on and this was all influnced from one of my hobbies, which is drawing. I was also influenced by some of my art classes. I ended up going to the Design department and spoke to the chair. She advised me to take some design classes and see how I like it. I ended up liking it so much, this path fit very well with my interests and the way I understand things. As Im going through my major I'm enjoying it more and more.

First Job/ Weirdest Job/ Worst Job:

My worst job was my first job. I worked at Forever 21, and I was a sales associate. I worked here for two months and then I had to leave to school. It wasnt the greatest because I was a very disorganized system, they were all about teamwork but hardly practiced it. Overall the way the floors and the plans were very disorganized with little support.

What I like to do on the weekends:

I like to hang out with friends, I enjoy sitting down and drawing, I also enjoy exploring Adobe programs such as Illustratior and a little bit of Animation. I also enjoy either cooking at home or going out to eat. Lastly I enjoy occasionally watching some Netflix/Hulu.

Top Advice For A New Student:

I would say that if you're stuck with wanting to do one thing or another, its fine, pick something and run with it. If it was the wrong choice its okay because it will lead you to the right one. But it is better to do something than to remain stuck.

Top 5 strengths:

1. Ideation 2. Input 3.Futuristic 4.Connectedness 5.Developer