Four topics to Consider

Job Duties

What are the job duties and responsibilities? Are they realistic and exciting? Will the work be challenging to you? Is there variety to the work? How is there opportunity for growth?

Work Environment

Do you like the physical work environment? Do you feel comfortable with your future supervisor and fellow employees? Is your supervisor likely to be a good mentor? Do your values and lifestyle correspond with the values and culture of the organization?


What is the organization's reputation? Is the organization growing or downsizing?


What is the compensation package? Does the salary meet your financial needs and obligations? If the salary is low, are there opportunities for significant responsibilities and advancement? What is the benefits package offered? Be aware that some smaller employers offer creative benefits to attract good employees, including stock options, transportation costs, meals, flextime, telecommuting, etc.

What If I'm Still Waiting?

On average, a company will allow 1-2 weeks for you to evaluate and sign an offer. Depending on the position, size of company and the job market, this time frame may be negotiable. Come into the Career Center for a Career Counseling appointment to discuss the offer you have received and how to negotiate with the employer if you need more than two weeks to make a decision. What If I Don't Want This Job? Consider the employer's side of the equation. They've determined that you're the candidate that they want, they've made you an offer, and they're waiting for your response. They cannot make another offer until you've turned their offer down. Each day you wait to decline an offer is another day that the employer loses ground with other potential candidates. Determine whether or not you want the position, and then call the employer to verbally decline the position or write a brief, concise letter releasing the position.

Important Tip:

Always get an offer in writing. A formal offer should include:

  • Salary offer
  • Job title
  • Start date
  • Eligibility for benefits

Consult a relocation calculator. Did you know that a salary of $32,395 in Austin, Texas can buy as much as—and is equivalent to—a salary of $47,038 in San Francisco? and both have large collections of salary surveys and cost of living formulas to compare salaries in different locations. They also have information about salary negotiations.

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