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Self-exploration is integral in deciding on a major and or career path. We know you want majors and careers that you love, but may not know how to identify the best option. Our career counselors can help you learn more about your greatest career resource—YOU!

We offer several tests that can help you get to know yourself and the careers that will inspire you. These tools will help identify your strengths, values and interests so that you can make informed career decisions and articulate your unique brand.

Featured Tests:

  • The Clifton Strengths Finder - The Strengths Finder test will help you discover what you naturally do best and learn how to develop your greatest talents.
  • The Strong Interest Inventory - The Strong Interest Inventory will help you make sense of your core interests so that you can consider potential college majors, careers and the world of work.

To learn more or take either of these tests, with a Career Counselor.

Other Tests:


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