A.J. Ruiz


Rohnert Park, California


Marketing & Cinema

My career path to SF State:

I've always been fascinated with marketing from a psycological perspective. What makes someone respond positively to one advertisement over another and how can those principles be used for positive ideas or movements? The first time I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker was when I took a video production class in high school. I had grown up loving films but making them always seemed innaccessible to me. That class made me realize that all you needed was a camera and a story to tell.

First Job/ Weirdest Job/ Worst Job:

My first job was working at a thrift store/boutique that only lasted about two weeks because the store performed so horribly that it couldn't afford to pay any employees. But at least I got one $200 check, which seemed like the mega millions to me at 15.

What I like to do on the weekends:

I like to play video games with friends mostly. I also watch movies, sports, and bad reality TV.

Top Advice For A New Student:

My best advice would be to not let fear dictate your experience. Whatever that means to you. There are plenty of intimidating things like networking, speaking up in class, attending events, joining an org, etc. Those fears should be acknowledged but not given the power to make your decisions for you. You really get what you put into your college experience. There are already plenty of obstacles on the journey, no need to get in your own way.

Top 5 strengths:

1. Relator 2. Strategic 3. Belief 4. Competition 5. Ideation